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For the Love of Trucking

There's just something about Trucking... but what is it about being a truck driver that is so alluring? Is it the open spaces, freedom of the road, opportunity to see new places and meet interesting people along the way, working for yourself, or do you just yearn for an adventure every time you turn on the ignition and take to the highways and byways?

The Heat is On... and keeping your truck running at peak performance is paramount. Did you know that the summer heat can be as hard on your truck as the freezing temperatures of winter? If you haven’t prepared your truck for high temperatures, now is the time to get preventative maintenance done!

Sometimes you gotta eat on the run! While the road does pose some problems, developing healthy eating habits as a truck driver is definitely achievable. In fact, over-the-road truck drivers may even have a couple advantages when it comes to eating right that office workers and nine- to-fivers don’t.

Electrical check made easy! Check out this Handheld Electrical Analyzer that allows you to quickly test the electrical systems of heavy-duty vehicles. Test everything from the palm of your hand!