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It's never easy to say good-bye... At times, you may feel like you’re missing out even though you leave in order to support your family. But thanks to technology, good-byes are now "See ya in a little bit..." Here are some of the new-school and old-school ways that you can stay connected with your kids from the road:

So, you married a trucker... Any experienced trucker's wife will tell you that life with a man on the road is a challenge. It never fails, the only time the car breaks down, the washer quits or the kids get in trouble requiring an urgent parent/teacher conference is the day her husband leaves. It's the Murphy's Law of trucker's wives. But, hey, those of us who've done it for awhile are used to it and sometimes we even laugh about it. However, those occurrences can be devastating when you're new to the life of a trucker's wife.