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Funny Trucker Jokes & Truck Driver Memes | No Bull Trucking

The trucking industry can seem kind of funny at times, both to real diesel truck drivers and regular people driving compact cars. For many real truckers, there are so many things that are so outrageous about the life of a trucker that there's nothing they can do but laugh and try to make a funny joke about it. The working hours, disagreements with dispatch and run-ins with the DOT are common frustrations in the life of a semi truck driver or owner operator. Here's a list of a few of our favorite funny trucker jokes and memes about dispatch, the hours and DOT inspections. We truckers learn to laugh through the pain!

Funny Semi Truck Driver Memes & Diesel Trucker Jokes
Funny Trucking Memes & Truck Driver Jokes
Funny Trucker Memes & Truck Driver Life Jokes

The Truck Driver Life: Funny Trucking Memes About Other Drivers (Including Truckers)

As frustrating as dispatch and random DOT checks can be, sometimes other drivers on the road can be just as annoyingly funny to truck drivers, and that includes other truckers! "The Super Trucker" is a common topic in trucking memes, as is the notoriously bad Swift semi truck driver. Drivers of regular cars may like to complain about diesel trucks causing traffic and accidents out on the highways, but semi truckers find their driving to be just as much of a joke at times! Check out a list of some of our favorite memes about the many types of drivers out their on the roads.

Funny Semi Truck Driver Memes & Diesel Trucker Jokes
Diesel Truck Drivers Laugh Joke Funny Meme
Super trucker jokes meme funny truck driver
Truck Driver Funny Joke Memes Diesel Truckers

The Long Haul: Trucking Memes About the Life of a Diesel Semi Truck Driver

Lots of truck driver memes are not funny jokes, they are actually quite serious. After all the jokes have made, long haul semi truck drivers and owner operators deserve some serious respect for the hard work and long hours they spend away from their families out on the road. Most people don't realize that all of the products, food and things they buy at the store were brought there by a truck driver, some of them driving very long distances to make the delivery. Truckers want and have definitely earned our respect and gratitude. Trucking memes about the sacrifices made daily by truck drivers are very popular. Here's a list of a couple of the best memes we could find.

Memes about trucking, semi truck driver life meme
Diesel Long Haul Trucking Truck Driver Meme
Truck driver meme, semi trucking memes

Truck Driving Memes & Funny Truck Driver Jokes

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